Services in Siargao

Bicycle and Motorbike Rental in Siargao


300 php whole day rent

150 php half – day

biking siargao


400 php – whole day rent

500 php – whole day and overnight

bike and motorbike rental

Siargao has many sightseeing sites for you to discover. The best way to explore is to rent a motorbike or a bicycle.


1, 800 php per person (one edited film just yourself)

2,000 php (one edited film for your group)

edited film siargao

We will film your whole stay in the island; surf sessions and other activities and edit it into a short lifestyle film saved in an mp4 format, usb disk or cd.

With the shots we take, we can also view it on TV and see what you do wrong and how to improve it.

Home Services Massage Siargao

500 an hour

massage siargao

Rejuvenate and relax with the help of the fingers of our massage therapists using natural coconut oil. Home services also include: manicure, pedicure or facial / foot spa starting at 150 php


250 php : maximum 15 pcs.

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