Top 4 Rated Snowboard Bindings with Reviews

Here is a list of the Top 5 best rated snowboard bindings on the market that will guide you in choosing the best one for yourself!

Gnu Mutant Men

For all you all-mountain freestyle riders out there who want to experience a variety of terrains, Gnu 2016 Mutant Men’s Snowboard Bindings are the thing. They are made to fulfill the aggressive rider within you!

These bindings have an ultra-light hyper cored 6061 aluminum baseplate with a Triple Dampening Wrap that is added to the footbed.

This wrap drastically dampens vibrations and works as a shock absorber.

They have a rear-entry design with Comprex Ankle and Comprex Grip Toe Strap.

These straps provide maximum energy transfer and support. For a better fit and adjustability of your feet, Micro Buckle, Auto Lever and Cable Redirection are used.

Its FT-4 AsymHighback gives extra support and comfort. This Reclining Highback is inward slanting creating great ergonomic support.

Gnu Mutant bindings are stiff with a flex rating of 8. These are suitable for athletes with advanced-expert ability level. They are made in USA.

Pros – comfortable with great support

K2 Cinch Tryst Womens

For all the ladies out there who wish to cruise in the mountains, K2 Cinch Tryst Women’s Snowboard Bindings are the thing. You simply have to lift the highback for easy entry and exit!

Starting from the base, these bindings have Women’s Cinch C2 Chassis that is light in weight and includes nylon baseplate heel cup for extra support and comfort.

Harshmellow Footbed with Power Ramp offers easy access and absorbs shocks.  The footbed is canted that aligns your ankles knees and hips to give a comfortable fit.

The Women’s Caddi Ankle Strap, Universal Toe Strap and Cam Lock Center Adjustment offer a secure fit, flex and easy adjustment.

The HellaRADchet composite buckles are basically large release levers that allow for an easy entry.

These bindings have Women’s Cinch Peaceback which gives better heel-side response and forgiving side-to-side flexibility. Its thermo-formed EVA calf pad provides better performance and comfort to women’s calf.

If you have an advanced – expert snowboarding riding ability then these bindings are best for you. They have a medium flex (5 flex rating) for comfortable and responsive riding. You can purchase these bindings in black and blue color.

Pros –Easy entry and Exit, Comfortable with Ultimate flex

Flux Tt Men

Athletes like Alex Hereford and Tom Reilly use Flux TT snowboard bindings. These bindings will help you fulfill all your snowboard riding needs from powder riding to Freestyle Park riding.

These bindings have a nylon and fiberglassPerformance Blend baseplate with a rigid genetic base. The flat single densityfootbed absorbs shocks and maximizes support. Its Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion provides a better foot.

To keep your feet secure, F.T.M Versa (toe strap) and F-Tech 3D Fit Strap feature in these bindings. Its UU Fit technology gives a natural feel and hold. Its Alpha Ratchet Buckles are light in weight and are frozen finger friendly.

TT comes with all-mountain lightweight alpha highback which is made out of Super Tough Nylon that offers medium stiffness. Soft Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Hybrid Cushion works as a shock absorber and maximizes support.

These bindings are with medium flex and are suitable for riders with Intermediate-Advanced ability level. They have a strap binding style.

TT is sold in a variety of attractive matte and metallic colors. Their size ranges from small to large.

Pros – User friendly, adjustable, comfortable and easy entry exit

Flow Alpha

We had to include another amazing binding from Flow in our list of the top 10 snowboard bindings. These are their Alpha bindings that are best used for freestyle riding.

These bindings have Molded Composite Rockered baseplate with Full-EVA Toe & Heel Inserts which helps in transmitting energy without loss of efficiency. The rockered corners offer even flex.

Your feet have greater ankle support thanks to Exo-Fit PowerStrap that is an exoskeleton support frames with 3D shaped EVA.

To secure your feet Mini-Ratchets with lightweight Airframe lever are added to the PowerStrap.

Alpha features a Lightweight 1-pieceMolded Composite Uni-Back with Comfortable EVA pads.

This highback provides easy SpeedEntry& Exit. It also includes CombiDisk – 4HP + 3HP.

If you have just started freestyle snowboarding then these bindings are best for you as they are made for riders with Beginner-Intermediate ability level. They have a soft, loose and easy flex. These bindings come in a rear entry binding style.

Pros – Comfortable, Flexible with Easy Installation

Now that you know the top 4 that are competing for the top most position in the market for 2017, we move towards highlighting the top snowboard binding manufacturers.

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