About Siargao

About Siargao
Siargao is what hardcore tropical life is all about. Experience living the unspoiled life. Walk barefoot, eat the freshest food, mingle with fun and friendly locals and surf the waves. A paradise awaits you.

Cloud 9
The Cloud Nine break is a well known wave often nicknamed as “Crowd 9″ among local surfers because of overcrowding. But don’t worry, there are also a lot of surf spots which are accessible by paddling, boat or motorbike. Or we can go far up north and chase secret waves

Best Months
The most consistent time is from August until March. Even during off season, you can still catch decent waves. The biggest and good months for surfing is from September until January. September and October is also the best time to visit and meet surfers around the world and watch
local National and Billabong or Quicksilver International surf competitions

First aid kit, Sunscreen, booties, camera, mosquito repellant, Smart or Talk and Text mobile phone and enough cash. ATM machines is also accessible but takes 20-30 min. to go to Dapa.

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There are plenty of restaurants and bars around the island where you can party or just chill and meet people from around the world. Beach parties and full moon parties are common. There are places for jam nights and acoustic nights too. Billiard places and karaoke in the boulevard are also something fun to do.

The only ATM machines are located in the town Dapa, which is about 25minutes away by motorbike. Cantillan bank and Green Bank offer transactions for Cards issued in the Philippines as well as Visa Cards.

It happens though that the ATMs are offline or out of cash. Therefore it would be best to bring along some cash, just to spare you the hassle of going back and forth. Dapa also offers places to do Western Union and Mlhuiller.

If you want to exchange money from another currency or do encashing with your credit card you can do that at a nearby resort in General Luna-but be advised of their high charges.




Temperature ranges from a low 21°C in December/January to a high 32°C in June


English, Siargaonon, Tagalog

Philippine Peso


There are 9 municipalities and approximately 150,000 inhabitants. Dapa is the largest with 25,000. Dapa is also the main entry port if you travel by ferry from Surigao City. General Luna has a population of 15,000 which is also the main tourist destination.


Every municipality administers a clinic. There is a hospital and a dental clinic in Dapa. Several pharmacies offer prescription or over-the-counter in Dapa but for serious matters as well as modern medical facilities you have to get to Surigao or Cebu.