Island hopping rates

1.400 Php per person (for 4 pax)
1.200 Php per person (more than 4pax)
A whole day trip that includes Boat rip to the 3 islands, Entrance fees, Food and drinks and a cottage rental by the beach

Must haves: Sunblock lotion, snorkling gear, waterproof bag, waterproof camera.

Turtle Surf Camp Siargao
Turtle Surf Camp Siargao
Turtle Surf Camp Siargao

Naked Island


The pretty Naked Island is named such because it is stripped of luxury trappings and even the typical coconut trees (though there are some patches of grass). It is barren and just a white sand bar that gets smaller during high tide. It is recommended to visit it when it is not too hot or sunset time.
If you don’t care about getting sunburnt, it’s good to just lay down on the sand and enjoy the sun, the sand, and the waves.
During kitesurfing season, the white sand bar is perfect for intermediate and advanced kitesurfers.

Daku Island


The nearby Daku Island is the fairest of them all. It has powdery white sand hugged by gorgeous aquamarine waters. Unlike Naked Island, Daku is dotted with coconut trees. It’s called "Daku" in Visayan dialect meaning "Big" in English.
This island is also inhabited by a few families, part of General Luna's component barangay.
There is fantastic snorkeling near the surf spot and around the southern tip of the island. After a day’s surf in Daku, one can relax in the long white sand beach, and crystal clear water!

Guyam Island


The sunset view here is spectacular like no other! Try a leisurely walk around the island while enjoying the mix of sand and reef and it will take you no more than 15 minutes. GUYAM is truly a miniature tropical paradise. This island is a popular favorite if you wanna stay overnight!