The shallow waters between the reef and the beach make General Luna a great place to kite, the winds from the Pacific Ocean is quite strong and suitable during the months of Nov. - February.

Our surf and kite camp is just a short walk to the beach where we do the lessons and kite sessions. If we decide to go to another island (depending on the condition and the wind) , there is an additional fee for the boat.

Turtle Surf Camp Siargao

Discovery Kite

2 hours w/ equipment and instructor
3, 000 php per person

Learn the basics of setting up a trainer kite, kite flying/control and safety systems, safe wind directions and conditions for kiting, power zones, weather, tides, and the right spot to do it which will be discussed extensively during the course and carry and handle the kite properly.

Day Course

4 hours w/ equipment and instructor

Learn to set up the kite, bar and lines, safety methods of bar and kite, the theory of wind-window, turbulence , power zone, and fly a 5-line kite, fly the kite with control and launch, land and re-launch. The goal of this course is for you to be able to use the kite in the power zone and body-drag under control in all directions.

Beginner Course

9-12 hours w/ equipment and instructor
19,000 php

Our goal is to make you an independent kiter. By this time, you should have mastery of setting up the kite, a good control of the equipment, be able to fly and body drag in all directions, full knowledge e on safety for you and for the others and be able to ride on the board.

Advance Course

12,000 php

This is a good option if you think you can ride but want to progress your skill to the next level with professional advice. You will learn how to turn, how to ride upwind and do your first jumps.