Surf Instructor rate: 350 Php per hour.


Surfboard rental: 250 Php per hour.

                               500 Php half day.

                               600 Php whole day.


Siargao is known to have perfect waves for beginners or for those looking to practice their craft. The island appeals to travellers who crave an enjoyable time in the waves or the seemingly endless sun and sea, or more simply, the allure of island life.


Have fun learning the basics of surfing, determining the correct behaviour in the water, and remembering priority rules that goes with surfing anywhere in the world. Guaranteed to help you exercise the right techniques that you will need to master the fundamentals of surfing that you are sure to use on your next trips! Our qualified instructors will prioritize your safety and bring you to the best spots where you will surely learn and have fun. 100% assurance that you will be able to take off during your first day!!! So what are you waiting for?

Turtle Surf Camp Siargao



A beginner is a surfer who is yet to successfully paddle out alone and catch and ride a wave cleanly to its logical finish.
You need to learn the basics, a surf instructor and a longboard is a MUST.

* Paddling
* Standing Up
* Wave Riding
* Knowing the parts of the surf equipment and terms
* Surf Etiquette and Safety


Best months for begginers are all year round

Turtle Surf Camp Siargao



An intermediate surfer can paddle out alone at a familiar location and catch and ride waves to a logical finish front side or backside, confidently using the three basic surfing turns - bottom turn, top turn and cutback.
A surf guide can be useful for a few days just to familiarize the breaks and where and when to go, which spot is ideal and or even uncrowded.



Best months for intermediate surfers are all year round

Cloud9 (600 x 400)



An advanced surfer is capable to paddle out alone to a surf spot he/she has never ridden, assess the lineup, and catch and ride waves to his/her choice of finish, confidently using a full range of turns in a distinctive, effective style.
You can just rent surfboards at a negotiable price depends on how long you stay or just simply bring your own.


Best months for advanced surfers are from September to March