The Magical Casulian Island

The Magical Casulian Island – Siargao Island, Philippines

corregidor casulian island

It was a perfect day so the whole crew of Turtle Surf Camp and Palaka Dive Center headed to a little known island: Casulian. It is surrounded with beautiful white sand beach and corals and from afar, it obviously looks unexplored.

The plan with Palaka Dive Crew was simple: swim, snorkel, dive, eat, trek and watch the flight of a small unmanned aircraft (drone) to take aerial photos and videos of the island.


The sand was so white, the shore was pristine and the azure waters were definitely inviting.

corregidor island

After an hour of swimming, chatting and simply lying on the sand, everyone was already starving. Lunch was deliciously prepared seafood feast for us! We had kinilaw or raw fish with onions, spices and vinegar. It’s a delicacy in most places in Southern Philippines. And we also had grilled fish, adobo and mangoes. Everything tasted so yummy!

corregidor island siargao

Instead of having another swim and a nap, the crew headed to the magnificent mountainside of the island with Captain Ben, our UAV pilot, thought it was a good time to scout for a nice area to fly. Ben is a UAV flight instructor for Lehmann Aviation and this guy has traveled to places that one could only wish to see. After showing us photos of flying over fjords and waterfalls in Iceland, a fiery volcano in Japan and magnificent coastlines in Australia, we decided to have a cool project with his UAV as well.

corregidor island siargao

We went trekking through the small town and over some hills that looked like a natural golf course where he found a clear spot for takeoff and a neat smooth landing.

corregidor island siargao

As soon as Ben started flying, we didn’t care about the scorching heat of the sun. We were all mesmerized- staring at this flimsy looking plane soaring like a bird in the sky! It went up so high at some point that it disappeared from our view. It was a perfect day to shoot with all the blue green waters surrounding us and clear bright skies!

corregidor island siargao


corregidor island siargaoOf course, the adventure continues when we head back to the beach. We went down the hills, crossed a few streams, passed by a quiet, sleepy small town and saw a muddy pool where some carabaos were lounging. Some of our guests wanted to take pictures but got stuck in mud and cow dung! It was hilarious!



surf camp siargaoAfter a tiring and dehydrating trip, we were greeted back by some of the crew with buko- young coconuts. It was perfect ending as the sun had started to set while we had our last swim at the beach.

casulian island

Special Thanks to :

Lois Yasay of for the article;  Palaka Dive Center, Ben Uas Ribeiro for the amazing aerial shots and vids; Yuri and Galina

Fun Jumps at Caob Lagoon Siargao

Fun Jumps at Caob Lagoon Siargao

caob lagoon siargao

Waves in August is almost beautifully flat so a little adventure is a must in Siargao.

caob lagoon

caob lagoon siargao

So our group of adrenalin junkies took a jam packed car and a motorbike to get to the municipality of Del Carmen, where we took a 20 minute pump boat ride to the lagoon.

We passed through “Coron”-like landscapes islets and mangroves. As we  got closer to the magical lagoon, the water dramatically changed its colors and the corals slowly appeared as well. What used to be deep dark blue slowly became turquoise. Everyone was so excited to jump into the water before getting to the kubo sitting in the middle of the lagoon.

caob lagoon

Caob (also spelled as Kaob, Koob, Kacub) is a word in the local Surigaonon dialect that means sheltered or covered. The high surrounding hills makes the place feel secluded and mysterious. There are several villages in the area and caves that we visited that contain human bones from the Japanese era.

caob lagoon del carmen

caob lagoon

We arrived at a 2 story bahay kubo which is a wooden structure on stilts where we could cook our food, lounge around and play some chill songs.

caob lagoon

Guys, being guys, already started taking their shirts off as soon as we arrived. And in minutes, they were already  launching themselves as cannonballs into the crystal clear water of the lagoon. There was no room for grown ups on this trip!

siargao surf

Of course after these water activities, everyone got so hungry and we started eating our lunch that was grilled fish, chicken, rice and fruits that was served on banana leaves. 

After we enjoyed our meal, we all went around the kubo, chilling, reading, some snorkeling, exploring the mangroves and planning the next water bomb strategies.

caob lagoon

 siargao island
By sundown, we all had to get back on the boat, exhausted but surprisingly still feeling high from adrenaline.


Surf Camp Siargao Philippines


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Our  learn to surf  program is a great option for beginner and intermediate surfers who want to start surfing or to continue improving their skills. Our goal is that after one week of surf school the complete beginner will be able to surf and the intermediate surfer will have improved greatly.

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temperature icon     Temperature. Ranges from a low 21°C in December/January to a high 32°C in June; wetsuit not needed.

wave icon     Surf Break. Reef

student instructor icon     Instructor Student Ratio. We encourage a 1:1 student instructor ratio to ensure optimal learning and safety.

must have icon

Must haves. 


* Sunscreen, zinc oxide, lip protection, mosquito repellent

* Long sleeve rash guard if possible, reef booties, turtle rashguards are free use for  guests, enough cash in Php

*A headlamp or torch (electricity is an on- and-off-again affair in the Philippines)

* A sarong (this will double as sheet, beach towel or shawl)

* A pullover (fleece) for those ridiculously cold air-com busses, ferries and even at the airport

* Earplugs (roosters are everywhere in the Philippines, and sometimes you ‘ll also have to deal with karaoke, noisy boat engines and so on. No karaoke issues in Turtle Surf Camp

* A mask and snorkel

* Strong zip lock bag or other fully waterproof container for your gadgets

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