Learn how to surf !

Turtle Surf School is not only a place for beginner but also for intermediate and advanced surfers!

Our surf school offers surf lessons and surfaris to all levels- individual or by group. We also have an all-inclusive surf vacation package to provide you a hassle free stay – no complications, no holiday time wasted. We offer both the flexibility and freedom you deserve!

Our surf school program is a great option for beginners and intermediate surfers who want to start surfing or to continue improving their skills. We have dedicated instructors who can provide a one on one quality instruction ensuring your safety and optimal learning curve.

surf school philippines

For guided surf trips, we can bring you to the most suited wave of the day by motorbike or by our boat. Avoiding the crowd? We know where to take you!

surfari siargao


Turtle Surf School also offers kiteboarding lessons and kite equipment rentals from Nov- March when the winds are onshore. Our front yard is a perfect place to do kiteboarding! Most of the time you will have the vast ocean for yourself to practice on. We have more information about kitesurfing on this page.

We have a wide range of surfboards from longboards to short boards,  and kitesurfing gears/equipment from training kites to 12/14 m kites.

Water Skiing

We offer water skiing lessons now! especially,  Slalom water skiing with a lot of great equipment related this activity like slalom water skis, rope…

Accept classes for all ages (from 4 up). Must know how to swim.

Best Beginner Months:


Best Advanced Months:

August- February

Best Kitesurfing Months:


The rainy season lasts mid November to early March, but this time you can still expect a lot of nice weather.

Kind of Break:

Reef Breaks all around Siargao Island


Above 25 degree C, so you never need a wetsuit.

Although locals go barefoot, still might be needed especially in Gewan or Cloud 9 Reef Breaks.

Instructor Student Ratio:
We encourage a 1:1 student instructor ratio to ensure optimal learning and safety.

Town Distance:
1 km

Beach Distance:
150 m; 3 minuite-walking distance