Surf Camp Siargao Philippines


surfboardTURTLE SURF CAMP SIARGAO is located in a great surf area that is nearly magical sum of easy access waves, white sand beach while being close to local action and flavor in town, We offer eatsurf & sleep package for all levels, individual, couple or by group.


Our  learn to surf  program is a great option for beginner and intermediate surfers who want to start surfing or to continue improving their skills. Our goal is that after one week of surf school the complete beginner will be able to surf and the intermediate surfer will have improved greatly.

We have dedicated local surf instructors who can provide a one on one quality instruction ensuring your safety and optimal learning curve.

We also offer guided surf trips for advanced level. We can bring you to the suitable wave of the day by motorbike or by our boat. Avoiding the crowd? We know where to take you!IMG_2427


wave icon    Best Beginner Months. All year round                                                           Best Advanced Months. October-February

climate icon      Climate. The rainy season lasts mid November to early March, but this time you can still expect a lot of nice weather.

temperature icon     Temperature. Ranges from a low 21°C in December/January to a high 32°C in June; wetsuit not needed.

wave icon     Surf Break. Reef

student instructor icon     Instructor Student Ratio. We encourage a 1:1 student instructor ratio to ensure optimal learning and safety.

must have icon

Must haves. 


* Sunscreen, zinc oxide, lip protection, mosquito repellent

* Long sleeve rash guard if possible, reef booties, turtle rashguards are free use for  guests, enough cash in Php

*A headlamp or torch (electricity is an on- and-off-again affair in the Philippines)

* A sarong (this will double as sheet, beach towel or shawl)

* A pullover (fleece) for those ridiculously cold air-com busses, ferries and even at the airport

* Earplugs (roosters are everywhere in the Philippines, and sometimes you ‘ll also have to deal with karaoke, noisy boat engines and so on. No karaoke issues in Turtle Surf Camp

* A mask and snorkel

* Strong zip lock bag or other fully waterproof container for your gadgets

* Tampons

location iconTown Distance. 1 km


beaCH distance icon

 Beach Distance. 150 m; 3-minuite walking distance


icon surfboardEquipment. We have a wide range of surfboards from longboards to short boards and kitesurfing gears/equipment from training kites to 12/14 m kites.

ages iconAges. Accept classes for all ages (from 4 years and up). Must know how to swim.